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Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD began teaching Ozone Therapy Courses 25 years ago! He is considered the "Godfather of Ozone". His insistence on basing his course material on a solid foundation of scientific data and peer reviewed studies combined with easily understood techniques and hands on training has steadily, over the years, built what could be described today as a massive wave of interest in the healing and regenerative abilities of properly administered Ozone. 

What is the best testimonial to the quality of education one will receive at any course? Repeated sellout crowds of professionals desperate and determined to take the course! In recent years every single Ozone Therapy Certification Training course offered by Dr. Frank Shallenberger has sold out in a manner or hours or weeks, with waiting lists long enough to fill more courses. International attendees from Europe, Asia, and the Arab nations tell us that Dr. Shallenberger's course far surpasses the quality and experience of any and all international Ozone Therapy Courses.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger has been practicing Integrative / Alternative / Orthomolecular medicine since 1979. He has been and still is in full time primary care seeing patients of all ages and in all conditions since 1974. He has been teaching this course for over 25 years and receiving rave reviews (please see our Course Comments…at some point we will put in a testimonial and video page). Dr. Shallenberger's Ozone Therapy Course is hailed as the most comprehensive, best Ozone Therapy Course currently offered anywhere in the world. 

 Dr. Shallenberger is an internationally recognized authority on ozone therapy.  He is a founding member of the International Scientific Committee on Ozone therapy and is the vice president of International Medical Ozone Federation.  He is also the innovator and inventor of the Prolozone® technique for pain and tissue and joint regeneration.

 Whether you are new to the field of Integrative Medicine or are looking to expand your practice to the next level, this is the course series where you will learn proven approaches to healing that really work, from one of the most experienced oxidative and orthomolecular practitioners in the United States. According to Dr. Shallenberger, "I hate to be this blunt but I have to be honest.  If you are not familiar with how to properly give ozone therapy in all of its marvelous ways to your patients, you are practicing substandard medicine."


Ozone Training Courses by Frank Shallenberger, M.D.