The Ozone Certification Course , Beginning and Advanced Prolozone® Courses : The courses offered consists of three Modules held three times annually in Reno, Nevada (Ozone Therapy Certification, Beginning Prolozone®, Advanced Prolozone®). All courses include a digital copy of the course content, live demonstrations, DVD training reference videos for review at your convenience and certificate upon completion. These courses are approved for Fellowship requirements for the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and give you the necessary content to pass the AAO Fellowship exam(s).

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Ozone Certification Course
Module 1 - Ozone Therapy Certification Course: Ozone / Oxidation Therapy

Includes: Ozone Therapy Training & Certification, Hydrogen Peroxide, UVB Therapy (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation). This is a two day course.*This course is a prerequisite to the Prolozone courses

This course addresses these topics:

-Health, Aging, Disease, and Mitochondrial Function
-Chemistry of Mitochondrial Function
-Causes of Decreased Mitochondrial Function
-Measuring Mitochondrial Function & Oxygen Utilization
-History of Ozone Therapy
-Chemistry of Ozone Therapy
-Physiology of Ozone Therapy
-Mitochondrial Resuscitation
-Hemoxygenase Induction
-Nrf2 Induction
-Immune Modulation and Cytokine Stimulation
-Anti-oxidant Effects
-Circulatory Effects
-Nutritional Implications for Ozone Therapy
-Improving Mitochondrial Function with Ozone Therapy
-Clinical Applications and Case Presentations
-Cardiovascular disease
-Chronic and acute infections
-Macular degeneration
-Chronic hepatitis
-Chronic Lyme Disease
-Herpes I & II
-Interstitial Cystitis
-Chronic Fatigue
-Dental Applications
-Auto-immune Disease
-Gastro-Intestinal Disease
-Chronic Sinus Infection
-Chronic Pain
-Regenerative Medicine
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Chronic Fungal Infections
-The Science of Ozone Generating Equipment
-Ozone Therapy Applications
-Major Auto-Hemotherapy with Demonstration
-Rectal Insufflation
-Ozone Sauna Therapy
-Topical Ozone Therapy
-Ozonated Saline Therapy
-Ear insufflation
-Sinus Insufflation
-Inhaled Ozone Therapy
-Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Beginning Prolozone® Course
Module 2 - Developed and pioneered by Dr. Shallenberger himself, Prolozone®  therapy uses the power of oxygen to reduce and eliminate pain and to regenerate the spine and joints. Prolozone®  is a homeopathic/ozone injection technique. The Beginning Prolozone® Course will teach you how to treat shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, soft tissue, and scars.You won't believe what can be done with a needle and a little ozone! This is a one-and-a-half day course that includes hands on training with our certified instructors. This is the only AAO-approved certification course for Prolozone® in the world.

 This course covers:

-Introduction to Prolozone® Therapy
-History of Prolozone® Therapy
-How Does Prolozone® Regenerate Joints?
-How Does Prolozone® Eliminate Pain?
-Clinical Guidelines for Prolozone® Therapy

"Anything associated with pain:  chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative   and arthritic hips and knees, degenerated discs, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, sciatica, heel spurs, neuromas, tennis elbow, sciatica, sinus, infections, pelvic disorders, dental infections, post surgery, non-union fractures,  scars, and any sports injury, pelvic floor syndrome."

-Clinical References for Tissue Therapy with Ozone
-Prolozone® Therapy and Sclerotherapy
-Prolozone® Formulas and Indications
-Live Demonstration and Hands On Workshop
-SubQ Technique
-Shoulder Examination and Injections
-Hip Examination and Injections
-Knee Examination and Injections
-Ankle Examination and Injections
-Foot Examination and injections
-Trigger Point Injections.                                                                                                                                                    

*This course is a prerequisite to the Advanced Prolozone® course

Advanced Prolozone® Course

Module 3 - The Advanced Prolozone Course is designed to take all of those practitioners who have been successfully treating painful joints with ozone injections to the next level. Advanced Prolozone builds on your Beginning Prolozone (aka Phase I) training. In this course you will learn how to treat pelvic disorders, necks, backs, dental applications, and to use ozone for sinus therapy. This is a one day course that includes hands on training with our certified instructors. This is the only certification course for Prolozone® in the world.

This course covers:

-Prolozone® Formulas for Back and Neck Injections
-Live Demonstration and Hands On Workshop for All Injections
-Low Back Examination and Injections
-Illiolumbar Injections
-Sacroilliac Injections
-L3-L5/S1 Injections
-Nerve of Maigne Injections
-Clunial Nerve Injections
-Cervical Examination and Injections
-Radiculopathy Indications
-C3-C5 Examination and Injections
-C6-T1 Examination and Injections
-Occipital Examination and Injections
-Pelvic Frankenhauser Indications and Injections
-Sinus Injections
-Dental Injections
-Dental Ostitis Therapy
-Dental Quadrant Injections
-TMJ Therapy
-Thoracic Spine Injections

 A note about Advanced Prolozone Course:

The Advanced Prolozone Course is designed to take all of those practitioners who have been successfully treating painful joints with ozone injections to the next level. Advanced Prolozone builds on your Beginning Prolozone (aka Phase I) training, and the experience you have gained over the past several months while using Prolozone Ozone Injection Techniques in your office. You will learn how to treat necks, backs, dental applications, sinus therapy and pelvic disorders.                                                     You must have these prerequisites to register for the Advanced Prolozone (aka Phase II) Ozone Injection Course:

1. You have attended a previous Beginning Prolozone Course" (6 months or prior) and have used Prolozone in your clinic in the interim. This is to hone your Ozone Injection (Prolozone) skills and make sure you are prepared for Advanced Prolozone Training.


2. If you already have three years or more extensive neck and back injection experience, Dr. Shallenberger will allow you to attend the Beginning Prolozone and the Advanced Prolozone Course back-to-back during the same event. If you feel you qualify or if you are traveling abroad to attend these courses, please send a detailed list of your experience via email to Jolene Shallenberger at ozonetherapies@gmail.com. Please do not make flight arrangements before gaining approval.

It is clear that injecting at these sites requires extensive injection training and experience. This is why it is recommended that practitioners take a break between the Beginning Prolozone Course and this Advanced Prolozone Course. The rationale is for you to return to your clinic after the Beginning Prolozone Course to use your new knowledge, and to hone your injection skills. When you return for this Advanced Prolozone Injection training, you will have a steady hand and the skill required to proceed to necks, backs etc.

A message from Dr. Shallenberger:

“Many attendees wonder why they cannot attend both the Beginning and the Advanced Prolozone courses at the same time.  The reason is that for those of you who have never injected the spine you will just suffer from information overload.  I saw this in the past when I did offer all the information in one course.  Virtually all the attendees who go to both courses are happy that the courses were split.  The Beginning course will establish your ability to confidently inject the human body.  Then the Advanced course will cover the spine, which is a bit more complex.  And by then you will be ready for it.”

Any of the thousands of practitioners who have already attended the Beginning Prolozone Course are welcome to register for this course, so this course books up quickly, and seats are limited.

Dental Ozone Course by Marc DiNola, DDS

​OOT technology and how it is utilized in an integrative dental practice

 This subject will be discussed and presented for 7 hours, including a 1 hour exam. There will be demonstrations, videos, and an open question time after each section that will be incorporated into the program.


1.     Learn how to create medical ozone in your office for daily use, and recommendations about equipment with costs.

2.     Learn about the various delivery methods for all areas of dentistry utilizing all forms of ozone. 

3.    Learn how ozone kills microbes that are commonly found in dentistry during treatment procedures, including periodontics, restorative, oral surgery, herpetic infections, implant dentistry, common sinus infections, as well as special procedures.

4.    Reduce bacterial loads in general found in dental instrumentation and equipment such as water line biofilms.

5.    Learn how ozone can be used in everyday clinical dentistry with safety and with limited disruption of care.

6.     Learn several medical ozone applications and how it can complement and support today’s standard of care.

7.     Learn details about biofilms and their impact on systemic infections and chronic diseases.

8.     Learn how oral/systemic disease connections can be described in terms of our immune systems response to biofilms and how they may generate a response in distant regions in the body i.e. chronic  hidden infections like cavitations, periodontal disease, and root canals.

9. A review of scientific literature, which supports the use of ozone and clarifies the significance of ozone

Course Overview


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