Ozone Certification, Veterinary Ozone Certification and Beginning Prolozone® Course - February 8-12, 2018 

Module 1- Ozone Certification Course (Feb. 8-9), and Module 2- Beginning Prolozone® (Feb. 10-11) will be offered and a Veterinary Ozone Certification by Margo Roman, DVM will be offered (Feb. 10-11).

There will not be an Advanced Prolozone® course offered in February, as these are offered only twice per year. The June and October 2018 events will offer Advanced Prolozone®. The 2018 courses will be held at the Peppermill Casino, Resort and Spa in Reno, NV USA.  Please note that these events sell out very quickly. 

Upcoming Courses

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Ozone Certification,  Beginning and Advanced Prolozone® Course - June 7-11, 2018 
Module 1- Ozone Certification Course, Module 2- Beginning Prolozone®, and Module 3- Advanced Prolozone® will be offered.
Registration will open on this page February 26th at 9:00am PST.  Please come back at that time to register or use the "Store" link at the top of this page to pre-register.

To be placed on a waiting list please send an email with your contact details and course selection to ozonetherapies@gmail.com. To be informed first of upcoming events, please add yourself to our contacts through the subscribe feature on the top of this page.

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Course costs

Ozone Certification - $1025

Beginning Prolozone® - $1100

Ozone Certification & Beginning Prolozone® Combo Course - $1875

Advanced Prolozone® - $1050

Veterinary Ozone Certification (Feb. only) - $650


Peppermill Resort & Spa, Reno, Nevada USA

Booking: Call toll free phone number: 866.821.9996 or
Local: 775.826.2121and use code COZON18 or use this link:

Room Block Expires Jan. 11, 2018

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