Ozone Training Courses by Frank Shallenberger, M.D. 

Testimonials from Recent Attendees​

I thought the course was phenomenal! More than I could have hoped for! I was here mainly for the Prolozone part of the course but the Ozone Certification Course really opened my eyes to many other things.

-Dr. Brian Jurigan 

I really appreciate Frank sharing all of his clinical pearls. There is nothing like hearing it from the pros mouth.

-​​Dr. Annie Zuzelski

​ I really appreciate Dr.Shallenberger taking our questions. I love his candid and practical explanations. He does a beautiful job presenting studies and supporting therapies with ozone out of his own experiences.

-Dr. Christa Oleary​​

Brilliant course! Wonderful presentation and information. I loved it! All the staff were very supportive and helpful. Dr. Frank Shallenberger is a wonderful man, the best I have heard! -Roslyn DeAvene

Loved the depth of information. Perfect! I have a new found respect, appreciation, and knowledge of the mitochondria.

-Casey Kelley

I think we can call Frank the godfather of ozone in North America! Fabulous, wonderful, uplifting, reaffirming, and energizing!

-Dr. Allison Palton

Very informative and well organized! Great clinical information from experience. Great facilities to host the conference.

-Galina Bogatch​

Great training opportunity! Dr. Shallenberger was very approachable in answering all questions. He gave real practical cases to illustrate learning points.

-Arthur Powell​​

Loved the course! The material was presented well. Dr.Shallenberger is so down to earth which is very refreshing!

-Jennifer Anith

Overall it was great! Especially because the teacher is great! This course completes the circle of ozone training!!

-​Dr. Harvey Block

I feel like I have a great base to begin using this therapy. The resources we been pointed to are invaluable. Thank you for a great and eye-opening weekend.

-Trevor Hausauer

The amount of research and science supporting ozone therapy was just right. I have been using ozone and NAD therapy for over 2 years and have gained many new insights.

-Lineyte Williamson, MD

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for always being so down to earth and helpful. Always willing to answer questions and give help or advice.

-Zach Manwaring

I'm very happy to have been to this seminar. It was extremely well organized and the information given was pertinent, applicable, and very exciting to learn. I've ordered an ozone generator and plan to start as soon as it arrives. Thank you so much. This was a phenomenal course; your pioneering is much appreciated.

-Trent Brerton

I think I learned more from this course in 2 days than I have in several other courses in the recent years. Much of what I learned will be applied in my approach to treating patients with or without ozone.

-Stephanie Peterson

I really loved how detail oriented it was.

-Amanda Luaro

"I had the absolute pleasure of learning from Dr Shallenberger's Ozone certification distance course. His ability to explain the science and benefits of ozone therapy has completely changed the way I practice dentistry and the way I live my life. Thank you for Dr Shellenberger for being a visionary in our field and for giving us insight into how to live healthier lives. I am eternally grateful!"  

-Dr. Jill Ombrello