Ozone Training Courses by Frank Shallenberger, M.D. 

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Testimonies from actual recent attendees​

" I thought the course was phenomenal! More than I could have hoped for! I was here mainly for the Prolozone part of the course but the Ozone Certification Course really opened my eyes to many other things."

​Dr. Brian Jurigan 

" I really appreciate Frank sharing all of his clinical pearls. There is nothing like hearing it from the pros mouth."

​Dr. Annie Zuzelski

​" I really appreciate Dr.Shallenberger taking our questions. I love his candid and practical explanations. He does a beautiful job presenting studies and supporting therapies with ozone out of his own experiences."

​Dr. Christa Oleary

​" Brilliant course! Wonderful presentation and information. I loved it! All the staff were very supportive and helpful. Dr. Frank Shallenberger is a wonderful man, the best I have heard! "

Roslyn DeAvene

" Loved the depth of information. Perfect! I have a new found respect, appreciation, and knowledge of the mitochondria."

​Casey Kelley

" I think we can call Frank the godfather of ozone in North America! Fabulous, wonderful, uplifting, reaffirming, and energizing! "

​Dr. Allison Palton

" Very informative and well organized! Great clinical information from experience. Great facilities to host the conference."

​Galina Bogatch

" Great training opportunity! Dr. Shallenberger was very approachable in answering all questions. He gave real practical cases to illustrate learning points."

Arthur Powell

​" Loved the course! The material was presented well. Dr.Shallenberger is so down to earth which is very refreshing! "

Jennifer Anith

" Overall it was great! Especially because the teacher is great! This course completes the circle of ozone training!! "

​Dr. Harvey Block